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From:Marsha Price

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Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2001 08:59:35 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Dr. Oppenhiemer
I can say that. I was a working Supervisor , who went in at 4 am and was usually the last to leave. I did approx. 80% of the  bench work. Maybe you were referring to a bigger chief than me like the Pathologists?
Marsha Price

> OK here I go sticking my neck into the fray. I think that Dr. Oppenheimer, 
> with all due respect, which is more than he is showing to the tech posting 
> here. Should get a life. He apparently has no idea about the kind of jobs 
> tech do in a clinical setting.  Many people choose their profession for a 
> variety of reasons. It is not Dr. Oppenheimers place to judge them. I think 
> before he goes off on a diatribe, he should sit down and embed a couple of 
> hundred blocks, then cut a hundred blocks before lunch. Then he should get a 
> pay check for the job he just did. I think he need to realize this is a 
> career choice not a religion.  I have sat in a histo lab embedded blocks and 
> cut sections. All day in fact, even though it was not my area of expertise.
> I am about to leave the clinical field myself, for a job in research. It is 
> less pay, but more satisfying. No beam counter looking over my shoulder, 
> making sure I am not over spending.
> OK waiting for the ax to fall on my neck. 
> John
> PS our department chief has even sat down in the mornings and embedded blocks 
> when the histo lab was short staffed. I have a lot of respect for that man. 
> How many chiefs can make that claim


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