Re: Churukian Silver stain for Argyophil granules

From:Nancy E Weber

Hi Karen,

I was doing Churukian's somewhat frequently up until about 6 mo ago.  You
need to hydrate section to acidified water, ph 4.2 with 0.3% Citric Acid
instead of plain Distilled Water.   You need to make up the Bodian's
Developer fresh.  And having a microwave would be a great help.  You need
some source of heat, or oven, in any case.  I've got a real good protocol
if you need it, let me know.

Nancy Weber
Research Associate
Veterinary Clinical Sciences
Ohio State University
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  Sent: Friday, August 31, 2001 9:13 AM
  Subject: Churukian Silver stain for Argyophil granules

  Fellow Histonetters

  Has anyone done a Churukian Silver lately?  I would appreciate any special
hints or tips since it's been a long, long time since I've done any.  Thanks
very much

  Karen Wightman
  Eli Lilly & Co
  Greenfield, IN46140

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