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Actually, I can't agree with that, Carrie, although I really do appreciate
your support of my thoughts.  I think Dr. Oppenheimer's concerns are valid
ones, given the general sense of malaise in all of the medical professions.
My guess is that he just happens to be one of the FEW Doctors left who
really DO care, and I think that his perception of our group on the Histonet
is slanted because he is allowed to be privy to our every conversation.  I
am not suggesting here that it should be any other way.  In fact, I think it
is a good thing.  I think we would be better off if more of them would do
it.  However, I doubt that any of us could subscribe to any Doctor's
specialty list and be privy to their conversations.  And that is probably a
good thing as well!  ;*)   I LOVE this profession....the way it blends
science and art....and I have always loved being a part of it, or as I said
before, I wouldn't still be here.  I simply think that Dr. Oppenheimer may
have had some rather negative experiences with techs in his lab, and that
seeing our present thread of conversation, he couldn't help himself from
speaking out because of his own personal beliefs.  I realize I am really
sticking my neck out here; but it's not the first time, and it won't be the
last!  As I said before, I lean toward realism, and I am just calling it as
I see it.

Sarah A. Jones, HTL(ASCP)

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well said sarah......i think our dr jonathan needs to get a dose of reality
in the's obvious he hasn't stepped foot outside his office
in a real long time!
carrie kyle-byrne

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