Re: Biogenex i6000 vs Ventana Bechmark IHC Stainers

Just completed two IHC/Special stain automated stainer demos.  These were the
Biogenex "i6000" and the Cytologix "Artisan".  Would be interested in any
input from current users or recent demo recipients.  Am currently favoring
the "Artisan" for versatility in combining both IHC and Special Stains onto a
single instrument.  Would be most interested in feedback from current users
of these instruments (Bonnie, and I know who you are, and how you feel about
the "Artisan") but is anyone using this instrument for both IHC and Special
stains.  In advance, thank any of you for your opinions.  NOTE: Victor
Tobias(recently departed from the Histo Supervisor position @ the U. of W.),
if you read this please respond as I would like to get you into my address
book so we can stay in touch.  Sorry you gave up the fight (I understand and
empathize with the human resource dilemmas confronted with A.P. supervisors
at this level of management during this difficult time in our societies
profession but hope you'll be happy in your new position there).
Greg Luck
Anat. Path. Supervisor
Empire Health Services
Deaconess Med. Center
Spokane, WA

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