RE: lab space

From:Renee Escalona

Gosh Gayle, your "broom closet" of a work space sure is a sorry deal.  I hate to say it but the dimensions you mentioned were probably the exact size of one of our bigger pathologists offices we have here!   We have 2 rooms connected by double doors and each room is about 23ft by 53ft.  That doesn't even include our storeroom!  One room has our fume hoods where we gross in tissue, hoods where we coverslip,  3 embedding stations, half of our work stations, automatic stainer, recycler, computer station, block files, plus counter space for special stains.   The other room has the other half of our work stations, slide files, photography equipment, a fridge and freezer, and 2 islands----one for in situ hybridization and the other as an additional special stains station. 

We're fortunate to have so much lab space here.  In fact, since this was the first histology lab that I ever worked for, I used to take it for granted.  At least until I had opportunities to visit other facilities and realized how good we have it.  

Well, here's hoping you can talk them into giving you some more space!!!!

Renee Escalona, BS, HTL(ASCP)
Laboratory Supervisor
Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Lab
College Station, TX

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