From:"Dresser, Karen"

I have worked in the histology field for 11 years
now, and in that time have seen many labs where
certification did not count for anything. No raise,
no bonus, nothing. You'd be lucky to get a reimbursment
for the price of the test.

There are a lot of managers (and institutions) who 
simply want the blocks cut and slides stained -- 
by who, and with what qualifications are irrelevant.
Sad but true.

Fortunately, I don't work at such a place anymore,
and hopefully never will.  :)

Karen Dresser
Pathology Department
UMASS Medical School

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If I remember it correctly, Ascp BOR has announced that year 2005 is the
last for OJT for histo techs. And why would any body wants to perform the
same duties as a histotech and make less money just becuase they are not

M. Sayeed
Dept. of  Spore Pathology
Baylor college of Medicine
Houston TX. 77030

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