RE: Nurses' Education

From:Stephanie Rodriguez


Just for the record, I have to confirm Marsha's statement that the R.N.
(Registered Nurse) is, in fact, and associate's degree program.  The
L.P.N. (Licensed Practical Nurse) is generally a one-year program, and
the C.N.A. (Certified Nurses' Assistant) and be anywhere from 3 months
to one year in length.  Many RNs do, in fact, go on to get a bachelor's
degree, at which point they are known as a B.S.N.  They are still
licensed as an R.N., but they may receive recognition and compensation
for their additional education.  Some of those do go on to receive an
M.S.N, and there are even a few who receive a Ph.D.-as in "Dr." Nurse!

Just had to clarify-my mother was a nurse (LPN) for 20 years, so I am
VERY aware of the differences in wages for these education levels!


Stephanie Rodriguez
Primal, Inc.
Seattle, WA

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