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	Dear Dusko

	This is one of these immuno questions that gets a definite maybe as
an answer. In London at St Thomas' Hospital there is a dermatopathology lab
and Guy Orchard there has written at least one paper on this subject. The
last one I am aware of is "Heeavily pigmented melanocytic neoplasms:
comparison of two melanin bleaching techniques and subsequent
immunohistochemical staining" this was in the British Journal of Biomedical
Science 1999; 56: 188 - 193. He used a permanganate/oxalate system and a
dilute hydrogen peroxide  system. Both were found to have advantages and
disadvantages. Sooo perhaps the easiest way around the problem is to use a
red ( or other non brown) chromogen. We use Vector red with their Alkaline
phosphatase ABC kit (another plug for Vector, I seem to do this a lot but I
am not associated with the company other than as a satisfied customer).

	Hope this is helpful


> Date: 21 Aug 2001 17:38:34 -0500
> From: "TRAJKOVIC, DUSKO [R&D/1825]" 
> Subject: melanin bleach with IHC
> Hallo everyone,
> Has anyone performed a melanin bleach on  tissue, that will be stained for
> other specific Ab's using IHC procedure?  Several cases that I have
> stained
> are loaded with melanin pigment. 
> I will appreciate any suggestions and input.
> Thank you
> Dusko Trajkovic
> Pharmacia Corp.
> Skokie IL
> 847-982-8884

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