RE: Future Histotechs pay

From:Matt Griffiths

In addition to my previous comments I'd just like to add that in the UK we 
are licensed, the licensing is mandatory and you can be struck off for 
"unprofessional conduct", meaning you cannot work in any hospital, private 
or otherwise. You could work in a corporate environment, but after being 
stuck off you're unlikely to be offered the job.
So we are not standing, never mind hiding, behind the pathologists lab coat. 
We are fully accountable. We also have to pay for this license each year

M Griffiths BSc (Hons)AIBMS
Dept of Histopathology
Worcester Royal Infirmary
Postgraduate Member
Faculty of Applied Sciences
University of the West of England

>From: Vinnie Della Speranza 
>Subject: RE: Future Histotechs pay
>Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2001 16:32:19 -0400
>I completely agree with Chuck's assessment  about nurses education. Two 
>year degree nurses generally do not earn the kinds of salaries quoted. BUT 
>one point has been overlooked by all.
>Nurses are LICENSED to practice. This means that they are regarded as 
>professionals and are held accountable for their performance and actions as 
>they impact on the patient. When you drive poorly or recklessly, you risk 
>losing your drivers license. If a nurse is negligent or behaves 
>unprofessionally, he'she can have that license suspended or revoked, much 
>like a physician. Histotechs are not licensed and indeed, the pathologist 
>is the one held legally and fiancially responsible if a patient specimen is 
>compromised. You can be the worst histotech in the world and probably work 
>somewhere. Until this discipline is prepared to stand up and be 
>accountable, there is little point in making the comparisons to licensed 
>disciplines. Histotechnology has a long history of failing to embrace the 
>need to higher education (there are periodic heated debates on this list 
>about what it takes to be a professional and whining about having to meet 
>higher criteria in order to become certified). When our discipline stops 
>hiding behind the pathologist's lab coat and becomes licensed, you may see 
>the kind of advancements enjoyed by other disciplines. Anyone care to guess 
>what it costs to affiliate with the national nurses organization? 
>Individuals have complained loudly about paying $40 per year to join NSH 
>which includes receiving an internationally recognized journal. Ask Charles 
>to tell you the fee to belong to the AAPA.
>Vinnie Della Speranza
>Manager for Anatomic Pathology Services
>Medical University of South Carolina
>165 Ashley Avenue  Suite 309
>Charleston, SC 29425
>Ph: 843-792-6353
>fax: 843-792-8974

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