Processing with xylol

From:Tom Buck

Dear Histonetters,

I am posting this for a customer who does not yet have the internet. Any
answers you can give me, I will print and forward to her. I own a hisotology
repair service, so any additional information you will need, I can get from
her, but it may take a day or two. I will relay it back to you.

Here is the problem:

When she uses xylol instead of xylene, she is getting spots on the slide.
She told me that she does not get spots when she uses xylene. She does not
want to use xylene, as the hospital prefers her to use substitutes due the
health concerns of using xylene.

This all means very little to me, but I am hoping to help her, as she is one
of my long time customers.


Tom Buck
Senior Field Engineer
Hawkeye Biomedical, LLC
P.O. Box 165
Atlantic, IA 50022
Toll Free 877-423-9879
Fax 712-243-4501

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