Nair to soften nails

From:Tracey Gunn

Hi Nina,

I have used Nair before to soften finger and toenails.  You can either
place the nail in a blob of full-strength Nair for 30 minutes or so before
processing (be careful with very small specimens), or spread some over your
trimmed paraffin block for the same time, or both!


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>Subject: Nair to soften nails
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>I would like to know if anyone has had any experience using Nair to soften
>toenails and fingenails. I know I have heard of using this before but am not
>sure of the details.
>Do you just mix a little Nair in water or use it full strength?  And how
>long do you leave it soaking?  Has anyone had any other experience using
>something else to soften nails?  We will be doing fungus stains on these
>specimens as well.  Any help would greatly be appreciated.  Jean

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