Mouse perfusion

From:Rachel Munshower

I am also curious about the best way to perfuse a rodent.  In my lab, we
have been keeping N-Saline and 4%PF on hand for non-survival surgeries, and
perfusing with a syringe.  We cut the right atruim and push first saline,
then PF throught the left ventricle and the whole system.  I know you
shouldn't perfuse too slowly or you will affect your kidney tissue, but
what about perfusing too aggressively?  I've heard that if the PF comes
through the nose, you have injured membranes in the head from perfusing too
fast.  I've never used a pump system, but it seems like a better way to do

Should the PF be kept on ice?
What size needle/ what total vol PF would you use for a 300-400g rat?

Re:  The luxol fast blue proc:
I asked a similar question ~2 wks ago, it might be in the archives, which I
believe is, except we do paraffin embedded tissue, not

Good Luck!

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