Histo Trivia Question!!!!!


Does anyone know how many histotechs there are on Earth?  Not US certifed
ASCP techs only since we all agree certification only does not make one a
hiustotech, but a rough estimate on how many there are out there?  I lament
I cannot give a decent guestimate even in my own area of the country near
Washington D.C. because inevitably I will hear of yet another group of
histotechs out there doing some great work and I never knew they were
there.  I hear of all these layoffs with high tech companies, and it seems
histology always weathers economic downturns.  You never see headlines of
"Mass Histotech layoffs" on CNN.   Anyway, I am asked by non histo types
how many of us hito types there are out there and I think I would rather
figure out the DAKP arkulator before torturing myslef with that kind of

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