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Roy and others,
Harry Cooke is currently Chairman of the Medical Science 
Historical Society (I'm sure I'm about to be chastised for getting 
that name or the Society wrong).
The Institute of Biomedical Science (of which Harry is a 
distinguished member) has a wide and valuable collection of 
medical laboratory atrefacts.  Indeed, so vast became the 
collection that a significant portion of was offered to the Science 
Museum of London.
The Institute retains the rest and is forced to store it in less than 
ideal cicumstances - a garage somewhere east of London.
Every two years, at our Congress, our historical society mounts a 
display which is on view in a manner akin to the vendors stands at 
Obviously, they only have the chance to display a tiny sample of 
the collection.  Recently they have concentrated on themes, such 
as "Blood cell counting" equipment. [remember, we are a 
multidisciplinary society].
We also have a semi-permanent, though limited, display in our 
premises in London.
We are offered far more equipment than we are able to accept.
I hope I have done justice to the collection - perhaps other 
members of our society would like to ellaborate?

Russ Allison, 
Dental School
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Russ Allison, 
Dental School

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