Dr. Oppenhiemer


OK here I go sticking my neck into the fray. I think that Dr. Oppenheimer,
with all due respect, which is more than he is showing to the tech posting
here. Should get a life. He apparently has no idea about the kind of jobs
tech do in a clinical setting.  Many people choose their profession for a
variety of reasons. It is not Dr. Oppenheimers place to judge them. I think
before he goes off on a diatribe, he should sit down and embed a couple of
hundred blocks, then cut a hundred blocks before lunch. Then he should get a
pay check for the job he just did. I think he need to realize this is a
career choice not a religion.  I have sat in a histo lab embedded blocks and
cut sections. All day in fact, even though it was not my area of expertise.

I am about to leave the clinical field myself, for a job in research. It is
less pay, but more satisfying. No beam counter looking over my shoulder,
making sure I am not over spending.
OK waiting for the ax to fall on my neck.
PS our department chief has even sat down in the mornings and embedded blocks
when the histo lab was short staffed. I have a lot of respect for that man.
How many chiefs can make that claim

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