Do you know anyone who actually MAKES something? (was BOR exam)

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Russ Wrote:

Other techs are a little put out when I point out that we all actually work
in the Information Technology sector: all our embedding, cutting and
staining is  merely to produce a nugget of information. We don't actually
'produce' anything besides ephemeral information. That is the primary reason
that counting slides, blocks and stains to prove productivity in histology
is absurd. The only measure should be "did we get the answer right or not."

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I have been meaning to step into this conversation for days!  Now 
Tim has said what was biting me.
It is not just in the US that the draught is being felt and the reasons 
identified in the US are common elsewhere.
People are just not being recruited into healthcare.
Random thoughts: follow.  You may want to delete here.
You may want to debate, agree or disagree.
You may want to dismiss.
Get the idea?
Bottom line: - the problem is worldwide - we have yet
People are not as caring as they were.
The IT sector has consumed a large share of the newly arrived on 
the employment market.
The only place money is being made these days is the "service 
sector"  They can and do recruit.
Dr Spock got it all wrong on bringing up children.
There is no limit to the money that could be spent on healthcare.
Do you know anyone who actually MAKES something?
The late sixties were boom years for pathology.
Those recruited in the late sixties can't wait to be retired.
There is a worse shortage of histopathologists.
For that reason, the UK now has "histotech grossing and reporting 
positive cytology (i.e. "she's got cancer - give her a hysterectomy")
Role expansion will expand further; pathologists will become rarer.
You are not alone in having this problem.
You are not alone in looking for an elusive answer.
We are trying to find a cure for death.
We have not begun to figure out what to do when we find it.

Russ Allison, 
Dental School

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