Crappy Attitude

From:Mike Becker

To Marsha and anyne else with this kind of attitude:

Sorry if I come on too strong and I have heard al those reasons listed below
but you either way off base or in need of some good old mental health
counseling plus a new career. Here are my top ten reasons for becoming a
tech and staying in the field from 1981 to the present.  Here goes:

10.  We do band together! Several state in the US require a license to
practice Fla being one-come on histonetters help me out here-there are
several more states which also require a license and others are working on
it.  Every state  that I am aware of has a state association you can join
and you can prob join all of them if you wanted to support them all plus
there is a wonderful NSH for the whole country which advocates, lobbies and
rallies us together as a profession and has an anuual meeting in a new city
each year!  Join NSH and advocate for federal licensure, Marsha..  I didnt'
kow nurses, cytotech and med tech didn't like us-where have I been living in
a closet-who cares what they think we are HISTOTECHNICIANS-we should like
ourselves!!!!! Respect yourself and others will too.
> 10.We do not band together and demand the respect like the nurses,
> cytotechs and Med. Techs do.

9.  As well is should be-we need college educated at least 2 yrs associate
in the sciences or more if a tech ever wants to advance.
Histotechnologists, managers and supervisors need a Bachelor's to even think
about that level of work.  Wher else would a 2 yr ASS trrained histo tech go
to advance up to a bs level position-it's a career ladder.  Even if you
don't stay in histology a 4 year degree will get you further than a 2 yr or
a HS. What century are you living in Marsha?? You can start with as ASS.  It
is important. If someone wants histo bad enough go thru the channels. Pay
your dues and do it. HS level thinking will keep our profession immature as
many of they who practice are straight off the steet with no science
training and no sense of themselves.

> 9. The 2 year ojt route/ HS diploma minimium will no longer be available
> after 2005.

8.  I can't read this  item so I can't comment on this one-what are you
saying here?

> 8.The education requirement that will take effect in 2005 is just like 4
> SCH's shy of an AS (WHY?).
> 7.No matter what kind of education or no matter how good of a tech you
> are, you will never be compensated appropriately.

7.  Let me ask everyone who love this field are YOU IN IT FOR THE GREAT

> 6. Very few people in this world that has had any contact with the
> medical world even know that we exist, much less know what we do.

6. WRONG!!  I work daily with the pateients in a Mohs surgery setting-they
know what I do and you can educate anyone about lab work-it's a given that
mostlab work is behind the scenes anyways-if you want to be "seen" do
something else get out of lab bench work. It is a behind the scenes job for
a lot of people and they still like it.

> 5. Apparently Monkeys can be trained to be histotechs as told by
> someone's professor. (I think he watched Planet of the Apes way too much
> and took it seriously.)
5. BULL----!

> 4. HS grads can become histotechs with relative ease (so why the
> education requirement?).

4. Same as above about education-ditto.

> 3. Kitchen help in the hospital can be trained in only one day to cut and
> stain H&E slides.

3. WRONG-it takes 6 months to a full year to become profiicient in cutting
all types of tissue and to learn to trouble shoot all kinds of tissue

> 2. There is a shortage of histotechs and with no incentives being
> offered, that means those that remain will be worked to death before help
> arrives.

> 2.  Proabably true unfortunately. So true.  But your attitude isnt helping
the profession is it?

> and are you all ready  for this. Drum Roll Please! The No. 1 reason for
> not letting your children grow up to be Histotechs.

> 1.  Says who?  the Histotech gods?  If you beleive all this carp then it
will be a self fulfilling prophesy in you life. I for one love this field,
love the work and love the doctors who dx.  If we don't staop thinking like
you e-mail and spreading this crap around we will go down the tubes.
HISTOLOGY_love it or leave it Marsha.  You are not doing the field any good
posting what you just did.  I respect and admire anyone who takes a lowere
salary and does what they really love and is good at. How about you?  Sales
is big for compensation I here. Go sell some stains!  Sorry to be ao abrupt
but your e-mail infuriated me this morning.  Good Luck.

Sue Becker BS HTL(ASCP)
Albany, NY 12205

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