Cancer, Genetics and Medical news on Histosearch

From:Marvin Hanna

Hi Histonetters,

I've set up web pages with headlines for cancer, genetics and medical news
from major news sources on the Internet, including major newspapers, ABC,
NBC, AP, Science, Newsweek, WebMD and over 1000 others. The news feeds come
from a news aggregator, Moreover Technologies, and are updated continuously.

They are available through links on the main Histosearch page and the main
Histonet archives page or at:

Cancer News:
Genetics News:
Medical News:

When you click on a link on a news page, it opens up a new window and takes
you to the article on the website of the news source.

I've been following the news feeds for about a month and have found many
articles related to histology. There is some overlap in the categories,
since most of the new cancer therapies are genetic based. It looks like
there will be many new Herceptin-like therapies coming to histology in the
next few years.

I hope you find these pages educational and useful.

Best Regards,

Marvin Hanna

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