Calling all vendors

From:"Garza-Williams, Sara"

Vendors here is your chance...
I am putting in for reserve $$ and capitol equipment funds this month.  I
need to speak with someone who can give me a great quote on a cassette label
maker.  I like the TBS label maker but I am open to the competition.

Now I'm going to vent.........
I've been working with a particular company (who I will not name, unless by
force) and an individual (and you know who you are) who has not responded to
my phone calls.  You have lost your opportunity to sell this hospital
laboratory equipment.  And yes we have the money to buy equipment but your
lack of response have forced me to open up the opportunity to another
company..... to bad for you.

Sorry in advance to those on the histonet,  but I can't help myself.
Sara A. Williams 
Anatomic Pathology Supervisor
The Children's Hospital 
Denver, CO
303 861-6177

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