Bar Codes on Cassettes and Slides


I am developing a method to bar code identify both cassettes and slides
and need feedback on whether there is a real need here. The markings
survive histology lab chemicals and stains.

Here are links to  pictures of what the marks look like.

The cassettes or microscope slides can be sequentially  bar coded ( This
is called off site printing) and would thus require a database which can
utilize an additional "license plate number" . Do any histonetters
currently have ability in their software to use a new license plate
number (reference number?). If cassettes were bar coded on the side ,
traditional ascension number marking could still be used on the slanted
face. Similarly , a small bar code on the microscope slide end would
still permit additional manual or scribe machine markings.

A lab tabletop marker is also being considered so specific test
information could be placed on either slides or cassettes (on site

Any comments or suggestions would be much appreciated-- the worst thing
is to get carried away with technology and develop something which is
not needed !

Thanks in advance.



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