BOR exam

From:"Mohammed, Sayeed"

This is in regards to some one's concern about shortage of histotechs and
Ascp BOR exam being very difficult. Well, there is one histotech I know in
Houston Medical Center, who is cosidered to be one of the best techs. She is
an excellent cutter, Special stains, and Immunohistochemistry etct.
But, she has failed the BOR exam twice. There are other techs that have
passed the exam with flying colors and are not any where near as good techs
as this person is. In my openion, The Ascp histo tech registry exam should
be desinged to evaluate histology skills of the person not test them at a
Phd level or try to test their IQ. College education requirement is fine,
but, taking out OJT is a bad idea. There are not enough histo tech schools
to keep up with the market demand. We have been trying to find a histotech
for at least two months without luck. Any opinions on this. Thanks.

M. Sayeed
Dept. of  Spore Pathology
Baylor college of Medicine
Houston TX. 77030

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