Answer for request for info (CLL)

From:Shirley Bradley

My thanks to everyone who took the time to reply to my inquiry
CLL in the pathology labs. Your many answers were extremely varied and 
interesting.  I had not thought (too concerned with my CLL) that many 
with leukemia and other cancers could die of other causes, like
accidents, heartattacks, strokes, emphysema, etc, so that death
would not show diagnosed diseases that they might also have had.  All of
replies I got convince me that all of you thought that the fumes and
chemical exposures of the pathology labs were the cause of many forms of

Here are the figures I did receive:

Emphysema   ----5
Leukemia    ----5
Lymphoma    ----5
Stomach CA  ----4
Brain CA    ----1
Breast CA   ----2                                                      
Lung CA     ----2
Pitutary CA ----1
Unknown CA  ----5
TB          ----2
A Regestry For Histotechnologists and Pathologists would be nice to have
but undoubtably an impossible task.

	My sincere thanks to you all. Histonet is such a great service.

	Shirley M. Bradley


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