A O Histostat Model 975C Knife and Operator's Manual

From:Gayle Callis

This is the same old monster I am giving away to a neighbor lab, parts are
not available, but you can use one of the old AO 820 disposable knife blade
holders, gray with lever on side to lock in knife, and you have to use high
profile DISPOSABLE blades!!! A JOY!,  and get rid of that ill designed
horrible knife holder (finger amputator!). I threw mine in the garbage can.  

Don't mess with grinding knives, someone will have this floating around
somewhere.  I think and old AO 820 standard knife holder might also work,
but go for the dispoable holder, and smile on TGIF. 

With a bit of practice (5 minutes) you will be in heaven.  Give me your
slow mail address and I will copy the manual for you.  I found it in the

At 07:41 AM 8/24/01 -0500, you wrote:
>Thank you for the information.  I had no idea that AO was now Leica.  I have
>had some luck though.  One of the guys in our machine shop is going to grind
>a knife to fit our histostat, so I may be in business with the old
>instrument after all.  I also was able to find someone who has used this
>model and can help me get started with it.
>Thanks again for your interest.
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>I would say major obsolete, too bad. If you are lucky, you might find
>parts.  Not sure where, probably with some used equipment dealer.  Since AO
>is now Leica, all old stuff has been dumped from their stock/systems.  
>Good luck,
>At 11:40 AM 8/23/01 -0500, you wrote:
>>Hello All,
>>I am still looking for a source or ordering information for a knife for an
>>AO Histostat Model 975C Cryostat.  I would like to find an Operator's
>>for one also.  I know that this is a pretty old instrument.  Is it
>>Are parts no longer availabe? 
>>Any help any of you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
>>Thank you,
>>Bobbi Miller
>>Department of Gastroenterology
>>Richard L. Roudebush VA Medical Center
>>Indianapolis, IN 46202
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>>email  bmiller2@iupui.edu
>Gayle Callis
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Gayle Callis
Histopathology Supervisor
Veterinary Molecular Biology - Marsh Lab
Montana State University - Bozeman
19th and Lincoln St
Bozeman MT 59717-3610

406 994-6367
406 994-4303 (FAX)

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