small biopsies

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 Are biopsies getting smaller!
 I have not worked in a Hospital environment for some 12 years now 
 but remember (just) that the smallest biopsy received would be 
endoscopy gastric specimens, usually 5 or 6, which would be 
placed into a metal gauze insert where they would happily process
without loss of material, embedded "as they come" and levels cut 
showing the full extent of any lesion. Less solid material such as 
bone marrow aspirates (unless clotted) would be processed by 
I now deal with on occasions, much smaller material (dissecting 
microscope required) process by hand,but continue to use the 
metal inserts when appropriate or the biopsy cassettes (Histosette 
2) which contain most things.
Not sure what point I am trying to get over now, just electron

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