"Industrial" disease - anecdotal

From:"Renton, Lousie, Mrs" <177louie@chiron.wits.ac.za>

On the subject of TB, I worked with 2 pathologists who had contracted
it in their internship. Interestingly, both were strict vegetarians. 
Strangely enough, we have not had any serious illness amongst the
histotechnologists, apart from one case of Burkitt's lymphoma.
The most serious complaints are migraines and stress realted 
The highest incidence of carcinomas was amonst our typsists - ovarian,
lung and breast all featuring in the 20 odd years I worked in that lab. 

They had no direct exposure to the specimens, and worked in a separate typing pool.

Louise Renton

On 9 Aug 01, at 15:30, RSRICHMOND@aol.com wrote:

> Tuberculosis used to be a major occupational risk for health care
> workers of all sorts. Seventy to a hundred years ago, perhaps a third
> of doctors and nurses contracted it, usually during their training,
> and about a tenth died of it. It's r

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