clearing agents

From:Jaclynn Lett <>

We're looking for clearing agents for viewing whole mounts of mouse cochleas
under the dissecting scope.  They'll be labeled with fluorescent tags such
as Cy-3, Texas Red and ethidium homodimers, so the clearing agent must not
dissolve the tag.  Also, since we'll be looking at the tissue under a scope,
the agent should not be toxic nor have obnoxious fumes.

I'm aware of the citrus-based clearing agents, and oils such as wintergreen
(methyl salicylate), but have no idea as to they're suitability for our
purpose (or whether the cochleas should be decalcified as well).

If anyone has any insight, I would much appreciated the assistance.

Thank you,

Jaclynn M. Lett, Research Technician

Fay and Carl Simons Center for Biology of Hearing and Deafness
Central Institute for the Deaf
4560 Clayton Avenue
St. Lou

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