Tissue-Tek VIP Processors

From:"Jon C. Kerr" <Jkerr@RPSlab.com>

Hi everyone:
	We've had some crazy problems with our Tissue-Tek VIP 1000 series
processor--problems ranging from mechanical to electrical to just bad
processing schedules (the machine was purchased used and out of order).
These difficulties have been worked out, and now we're fine-tuning our
processing schedule.  We do between 70-100 cassettes per day, all either
formalin or Bouin's-fixed.  Our tissues range from GI to skin to adipose and
bone (we get just about everything), with sizes ranging from the
scratch-your-head-and-pray-you'll-find-it size to over-bursting the cassette
size.  I would like to compare our schedule with that of other VIP users.
Please email me personally or post your information.  If you have the
chance, please send info about ylur reagent changing schedule as well.  By
the way, with these minor problems worked out, I am essentially well-pleased
with our processor--so don't anyone think I am complaining about the

Thanks to all,
Jon Kerr

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