Stevenels blue/van Gieson

From:Gayle Callis <>

Stevenels blue cannot be purchased under that name, van Giesons is probably
available from Poly Scientific, although I prefer to make mine up and a
modified Unna's, slightly different than classic van Giesons although VG
will work.  

Buy Sandersons Rapid Bone Stain from Surgipath, this is a commercially
prepared version of Stevenels blue, a potassium permangante oxidized
methylene blue that works just the same, but you don't have to make it up.
Stevenels is messy and horrible to deal with when you make up your own
solution. Been there, done that, buy it!!

There is a publication explaining how Stevenels is used for bone implant
work and contains the variant for van Giesons.  You can also counterstain
with other solutions, included in product insert from Surgipath. 


Gayle Callis
Histopathology Supervisor
Veterinary Molecular Biology
Montana State University - Bozeman
Bozeman MT 5971

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