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> Everyone---Thanks for all the renal help. Our system
> is now up and going with 
> great success. I was wondering if I could approach
> you all with another 
> problem? This same pathologist  has brought us a
> business of numerous 
> prostate biopsies. we process these on a short
> cycle---cut at 5 microns--and 
> stain on Leica stainers using the Richard Allan
> sytem of stains--Hematoxylin 
> 2--4.5 min clarifier 2--1 min --bluing--30 sec.  
> The pathologist is 
> complaining that he is unable to see the nuclei and
> is having extreme 
> difficulty telling CA patients without the use of a
> high molecular weight 
> keratin. All routine surgicals stain the same way
> only for 4 min hem--are 
> fine. Prostates stained at 4 are too lite. He
> suggested we use Harleco 
> Hematoxylin instead of Richard Allen. I am reluctant
> to do this beause the 
> Richard Allen system has been successful so far and
> the company itself is 
> great on stain QC. Although I have not had a chance
> to work thru some various 
> staining times, I thought that somone may have a
> suggestion or two out there. 
>  Thanks for your help
>                                       Angie
> Schmidt----Tri-Health 
> Labs---Cincinnati, Ohio
Hi Angie,

We also had trouble with nuclei staining on prostate
biopsies so we now fix them in Lillies.  The smell is
terrible but it the nuclei are crisp and easier for
the pathologist to diagnosis.  Since I tend to forget
about work on the weekends - I cannont remember who we
order it from - but if interested I can let you know. 
I hope this is one of many helpful hints you will

Linda Stirpe
Corning Hospital
Corning, NY 

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