Re: sirius red for collagen

From:Todd Miller <>

If you're interested, I have a manuscript in press in the American Journal 
of Physiology- regulatory using the Picrosirius stain in skeletal muscle.  
The manuscript includes some nice polarized light pictures.  I'm not sure 
when it's going to be published but its entitled something like "Hindlimb 
Unloading Alters Collagen Phenotype in Rat Skeletal Muscle".

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>From: Gayle Callis <>
>Subject: sirius red for collagen
>Date: Tue, 07 Aug 2001 10:13:11 -0600
>There is an excellent discussion in Histonet archives (John Kiernan and
>others) on sirius red as a collagen stain.  Fast blue escapes me, but it
>may be the counterstain for this purpose, my fast blue is used for alk phos
>immunostaining protocols. This may be only a partial "------ fast blue" per
>comments from others this morning.
>This is a lovely collagen stain, and viewed very nicely with polarized
>light. I have some original articles stuffed into a file somewhere, if you
>need them, they may be in the archives already.
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