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This book is available from ASCP for $95, minus the 10-15% discount for
ASCP members. 1-312-738-1336, hit "O" for operator, and then ask for the
department that sells books.

Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)
William Beaumont Hospital
Royal Oak, MI 48073

Histotechnology: A Self-Instructional Text, 2nd

                                   Price: $95.00
                                   Author: Freida Carson, HT(ASCP), PhD

                                   Advances in histotechnology continue to
expand the capabilities of the
                                   histopathology laboratory, but also
require continual study by practitioners
                                   to remain current. The second edition of
Histotechnology; A
                                   Self-Instructional Text presents all the
latest advances as well as the
                                   fundamentals that are critical to
achieving the highest quality work.

                                   Written as both reference and teaching
tool Histotechnology; A
                                   Self-Instructional Text addresses the
essentials of preparing histology
                                   specimens including staining and
processing, laboratory safety issues,
                                   and immunohistochemistry in fourteen
instructional units. Electron
                                   microscopy and enzyme histochemistry have
been added to this edition to
                                   help histotechnologists preparing for the
HTL(ASCP) certifying
                                   examination. Each unit presents the
learning objectives of the section,
                                   explains and illustrates the technique,
and then gives specific learning
                                   activities that will reinforce the
information. Written as both a teaching tool
                                   and reference, the format also makes
troubleshooting fast and easy.

                                   Histotechnology is an excellent learning
tool for histologic technic
                                   students, and for residents and
pathologists seeking to expand their
                                   understanding of the technology used in
the histopathology laboratory. It is
                                   equally well suited as a desk reference
for the more common special
                                   staining techniques and their results.

                                   Partial Contents
                                   Fixation; Processing; Instrumentation;
Safety; Laboratory Mathematics
                                   and Solution Preparation; Nuclear and
Cytoplasmic Staining;
                                   Carbohydrates and Amyloid; Connective and
Muscle Tissue; Nerve;
                                   Microorganisms; Pigments, Minerals, and
Cytoplasmic Granules;
                                   Immunohistochemistry; Enzyme
Histochemistry; Electron Microscopy.

                                   Hardbound; 312 pages; 286 images; 6
tables; 47 figures; 1997
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  Does anyone have a Freida Carson textbook that is collecting dust I would
be glad to take it off your hand.I am willing to pay for it.


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