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This is a tip that we learned to use for all paraffin sectioning.  Keep a
pan of ice water, such as a large glass staining dish between the microtome
and warm water bath.  Float sections on the ice water then pick up using a
plain glass slide and float on warm water.  The wrinkles will come out much
easier.  Other advantages:  serial sections are easier to do, if there is
static it will dissipate, and if the phone rings the section will not melt

Rose Richardson
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  Sent: Tuesday, August 14, 2001 5:52 PM
  Subject: ? about sliding microtomes

  Hello Histoland:
  I would like to talk to someone who uses a sliding microtome for paraffin
  embedded tissue. Our lab is cutting tissue using the mega size cassettes
  we need to get better results, less wrinkles. Someone mentioned to try a
  sliding microtome. We are not cutting bone. Please send me your lab phone
  number so we can call you.  We would like to find someone in Maryland so
  we might even be able to visit your lab.
  Thank you
  Sandi Miller HT
  USAMRICD Research

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