Re: Where can I buy cryostat oil?

From:sharon lang <>

Hi Eric:
You can purchase this oil from Leica, just give them a call.
Sharon Lang

>From: "Agdeppa, Eric" <>
>To: 'Histonet' <>
>Subject: Where can I buy cryostat oil?
>Date: Thu, 09 Aug 2001 17:40:59 -0700
>Hello everyone,
>Where can I purchase cryostat oil (IMEB, Inc., Cat.# CO-110) for a LKB 2250
>semiautomatic cryomicrotome?  IMEB, Inc. has the oil on backorder
>indefinitely.  I've been unable to contact the original manufacturer of the
>oil, Phadean Engineering Co., to try to order directly from them.  The
>lubricating oil should remain fluid at -25 degrees Celsius.  Thank you very
>much in advance for your help.
>Eric Agdeppa
> <>

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