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Hey Jim,
thanks for keeping this old and feeble guy on the straight and narrow. consider this confusion from  a bought of the blues, Solvent and Soluble blue :)

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>>> Jim Elsam <> 08/08/01 12:46PM >>>
Hello folks

Lendrum's MSB is still much-used in the UK as a fibrin stain and sometimes
as a general trichrome. The B stands for methyl blue CI42780, a dye with
many synonyms including soluble blue but NOT Luxol fast blue MBS (syn
solvent blue 38) a copper phthalocyanate used mainly for myelin

>Any chance this is really a sample of Lendrum's stain, or a variant
>Lendrum's method, sometimes referred to as the MSB stain, utilizes Martius
>yellow, Brilliant Scarlet and Soluble blue (Luxol fast blue),

>Vinnie Della Speranza

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