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On Mon, 6 Aug 2001, Andrea Grantham wrote:

> new - at least to me - a collagen stain using Sirius Red and Fast Blue. 
> I've looked through all my textbooks and find nothing - has anyone heard of 
> this? They have a great picture but no procedure.

Then ask where the picture came from, and what is meant
by "fast blue." Sirius red F3B applied from a solution in
saturated aqueous picric acid, is an excellent and well
documented collagen stain. There have been many Histonet
communications about it - try (the
archives). The name "fast blue" belongs to a basic
fluorochrome used in neuroanatomical research as a
tracer of retrograde axonal transport. There are also
some stable diazonium salts (used in histochemistry)
that include fast blue as parts of their names.

I'll be unsubscribed for the next couple of weeks - busy
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