Re: Quality-right first time?

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This all reflects around the skill of the histotech. Histotechnology,
(especially section cutting, mounting and staining,)  while to many may
apppear to be easy and robotic in nature requires highly skilled,
dedicated, adequately reimbursed individuals to carry out the work if you
wish for the best consistency. Checking every slide is optimal but
histotechs need time to do this and usually if working with a limited range
of tissues the skill of histotechs in determining uniform staining is amazing.
Most economical is a short term fix. Most consistent should be the aim.

At 09:06 AM 08/09/2001 +0100, you wrote:
>What is the most reliable, economical way of ensuring section quality
>with no transcription errors or recuts?
>Is it necessary to check every slide microscopically before issue?  If
>staff are trained to pick up only the best sections at the water bath
>and you control your staining, can you be confident in the quality and
>remove microscopic checking?  Remember the pathologists provide the
>final check. 
>Are there other ways e.g checking all slides off against the paraffin
>block or using a stereo microscope to check quality at the water bath.
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