Re: Paraffin embedding tiny bits o' tissue

From:Dave Low <>

Hi Rachel,
The small aluminum implement is a tissue tamper (I had
to think myself!).  This product is availble through:
Sakura Finetek U.S.A., Inc
1750 West 214th Street
Torrance, CA 90501
Tel: 800-725-8723
Fax: 310-972-7888

The tampers come in two sizes, a small and large. 
Contact the company for the catalogy number, I know
I had to pay around $20 for each package. Good luck!

Elmendorf Med Ctr, AK 
--- Rachel Munshower <>
> Does anybody use a small aluminum implement (I can't
> remember the name) to
> keep your tissue flush with your bottom edge of the
> paraffin block?
> Sometimes when I put a rat's heart and lung is a
> block, one organ is
> sitting "behind" the other one and it's makin me
> crazy.  ANybody know what
> it's called and where I can get one?
> Many Thanks!
> Rachel
> ________________________________________
> Rachel Munshower
> IU School of Medicine
> Dept. of Anatomy and Cell Biology
> 635 Barnhill Dr. MedSci 5065
> Indy, IN  46202
> 317-274-2505

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