Re: NSH meeting (was Daily Digest)

From:Aidan Schurr <>

Hey Dave,

Feel like sponsoring a tech to come out from New Zealand to go to the show?!




aidan schurr
section head, histology
hutt valley district health board
lower hutt
new zealand
++64 4 570 9173

>>> Dave Johnson <> 16/08/2001 >>>

Hey netters!!!!

Mercedes Medical is interested in sponsering something new/different for the 
NSH national meetings.  Anyone have any good ideas??

I love the T-shirt thing but one vendor has a lock on that
(P.S. great job Region 9 i think it was a year or so ago, i still want one 
of those shirts... free green stain dippers for the first one who produces 

We were thinking of sponsering a tech from each region to go to the show but 
there might be hospital restrictions/legalities on that.

let me know.

Dave Johnson
Mercedes Medical
800-331-2716 x 221 or email me at 

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