Re: Microwave processors

From:Roger Moretz <>

Not using the unit, but the unit sold by Ted Pella,
Inc. ( was the center of
several excellent papers at last weeks Microscopy &
Microanalysis meeting in Long Beach, CA.  You should
also talk to Steve Slap at Hacker (Steve was formerly
at EB Sciences), who is well versed in the whole
--- "Jon C. Kerr" <> wrote:
> Good morning Histonetters:
> We are about to purchase a laboratory microwave for
> processing and fixation.
> I've been impressed with the few that I have looked
> at; nonetheless, I would
> like your input.  What kinds of machines are you all
> using out there?
> Thanks in advance,
> Jon
> Reference Pathology Services
> Sandy, UT

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