Re: Immunohistochemistry texts revisited

From:Vinnie Della Speranza <>

There was an excellent reference entitled "Atlas of Immunohistochemistry" by Lawrence True which I keep at home for fear it will walk off from my office. I do not know if a more current version of this is available. This is one to be prized and guarded.

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>>> RUSS ALLISON <> 08/14/01 05:14AM >>>
 have always thought a book on immunocytochemistry  in 
diagnostic histopathology,especially if lavishly illustrated, would be 
of immense value and a good seller.

The closest I know to such a book is:

Histochemistry in Pathology
Filipe MI & Lake BD
Churchill Livingstone
ISBN 0 443 04019 2

There may be a later edition of which I am unaware.

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