Re: Filter paper & Porosity

From:Marianne Osborne <"dwomao ">

Amos, A point well made.  Which is the best paper eg. lens, filter, teabags,
perm paper, etc. is use....  Even have used the steel mesh screens which slide
into a metal sleeve and put these into a cassette properly labelled works.
Which works the best for each of us whereever we are at the time until trouble
arises do we deal with the problem.  It has been a good commentary reading all
the views and answers to their situation.  Thank you,  Marianne Osborne
semi-retired, in Council Bluffs, Iowa.  HTL, HT for 31 years.  It has been good
and this histonet has been excellent reading different theories, techniques,
etc..  Thank you.

Amos Brooks wrote:

> Hi,
>     How do you know how porous a particular type of paper is? I suppose
> filling it with water and timing how long it takes to drain might work if
> they all were the size of coffee filters, but the smaller sized ones (tea
> bags) would be hard to measure. The porosity is obviously important to allow
> proper infiltration. So, any old piece of paper won't do. So how would one
> choos

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