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> The unfortunate trend in this area is to ask for astronomically more
output for less help/money.  In our area, our pathologist demands
everything to be of highest quality (and fastest output) to the point
of re doing a section 3-4 times that other doctors have thought
beautiful the first round!  One study that I found a few years ago by
CAP indicated that a tech could expect to put out 100 sections per
day.  However, I do not recall if that meant cut and stain both. Does
anyone have information on that?

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> Dear Managers and Pathologist,
> If you would staff the labs so that the Histotechs had time to
review their
> slides then maybe they would do so more often.  It seems to me that
> Doctor's are the ones asking for quality not quantity, but they seem
> forget this when they go complaining to the managers that they do
not have
> their slides early enough.  It is always rush, rush, rush.  Also, it
> funny to me that the ones always complaining about quality and time
are not
> the ones doing the work, and some have NEVER even been a Histotech.
> Sherry Smith  HTL (ASCP)
> Supervisor, Histology
> Presbyterian Hospital
> Charlotte, NC
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> 		Samarai Pathologist wrote:  "It always infuriates the many
> conscientious
> 		histotechnologists on Histonet when I say this, but I'm
> going to say it
> 		again - most of the histotechs I work with pride themselves
> on never looking
> 		at a slide."
> 		Geez, if this is pride, I don't want any part of it. I can't
> imagine not
> 		reviewing my work every chance I got.
> 		:::shaking my head in disbelief:::
> 		Teri Johnson
> 		Lab Manager, Histology
> 		Stowers Institute of Medical Research
> 		Kansas City, Missouri
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Rose Richardson

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