Re: Cardboard vs Plastic slide trays

From:Barry Rittman <>

I suspect that many of the replies that you get will be diametrically
opposed as there are several designs of each.
Cardboard trays with flap cover are the ones that I am used to. Hold 20 or
30 slides each.
Cost. They are very expensive. From their cost I can only assume that they
are manufactured by the leading neurosurgeon who is residing in the Bahamas.

They are difficult to clean and disinfect and collect dust etc.
Warp if stored in damp areas or get wet.
Easy to store but difficult to identify individual tray if they are stored.
Advantage that if there is seepage of the mountant the slide is not
permanently stuck to the tray and can still be recovered.
They allow for creative designs on the flaps.

Plastic trays that I have used hold 20 slides each.
Generally come without flaps so cannot store on top of each other but have
to use a tray storage unit of keeping for some time.
are easy to clean.
They can also distort.
They are generally not tolerant of clearing agents or heat.

Scott Taft wrote:

> Hi Netters,
> Would you please be willing to give me some feedback?
> What is your lab preference in using cardboard vs
> plastic trays and why or why not?
> Examples: cost? durability? ease of use? etc?
> Thanks,
> Scott Taft/Ventana Medical Systems/Tucson AZ
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