Re: Biotinaylated Tomato Lectin stain

From:Tim Plummer <>


I have used biotinylated and fluorescein conjugated
Lycopersicon Esculentum Lectin (LEL, Vector
Laboratories) in neutral buffered formaling fixed,
paraffin embedded porcine specimens.  We target
retrieved with microwave 10mM citric acid, pH=6.0 for
10 minutes.  Many lectins are very stable in aldehyde
fixed tissue, however can be diminished by acetone
fixation.  If you require specifics on the protocol
feel free to contact me.

Tim Plummer

> Has anyone ever done a Biotinaylated tomato lectin
> stain in 
> paraformaldehyde fixed paraffin embedded
>  mouse brain?  If so, and I am sure you all have,
> would it be possible to 
> get the procedure?  Thanks in advance
> Cindy

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