Re: Are neurotechs and neuropathologists different to others?

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We are unique so people think we are strange.

The philosophy my husband has applies to us Neuro People:

All the rest of the world is trying to be "normal" and not succeeding,
why not be "abnormal" and be original!


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Subject: Are neurotechs and neuropathologists different to others?

> Hi all
> This is a question to all you neuro people out there and others who might
> wish to reply.Do you guys feel that you are different in comparison to
> colleagues?Do you get teased about it?
> I've been a neurotechnologist for a long time and I've often been told and
> teased that neurotechs and neuropathologists are a different kind of
> all together when compared to other histo techs.Not only is the work that
> do different to routine histo work,but we think differently too.There also
> seems to be a closer relationship between neuropathologists and neurotechs
> than there is between other pathologists and techs.Could it be because we
> are so passionate about what we do?I reckon you either love neuropathology
> or you hate it.There are no half measures here.
> Please post your replies to the histonet so that all neurotechs can see
> replies.
> Thanks
> Maria
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