Re: Alcian Yellow vs. Gimenez

From:Tara Miller <>

PolyScientific is the company that said that it was not going to sell that H 
Pylori kit any more because of the alcian yellow shortage. We like the stain 
too, but until they can find a alcian yellow supplier...

We tried the Gimenez stain (also from PolyScientific), but found it very 
muddy, even when we cut the staining times way down. The carbol fuchsin 
precipitate was also a problem. The pathologists said that the stain is 
alright if you have plenty of H Pylori there to find, but other wise you 
might as well do a giemsa. That's the beauty of the alcian yellow rapid 
method - that you can "easily" find very few organisms quickly - without 
alot of time searching.

I also had mentioned the article from "Histologic" about the various H 
Pylori methods when I recommended the alcian yellow rapid method. In fact I 
brought the article with me when I brought the Gimenez test slides into the 
pathologists and they agreed with the results. Alcian yellow - yes, Gimenez 
- no.

Tara Oakes, HT (ASCP)

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>Subject: Re: Alcian Yellow for Helicobacter
>Date: Tue, 07 Aug 2001 13:03:37 -0400
>Hi Sherry,
>Poly Sientific has a Rapid Staining Method for H-Pylori, cat.#K086. This
>staining procedure uses Alcian Yellow 1%. I have performed this stain for
>our pathologist and he was impressed with the staining results.
>At 11:10 AM 08/07/2001 -0400, Smith, Sherry A. (Histology) wrote:
> >Does anyone have a procedure for Alcian Yellow for Helicobacter???  Also,
> >how well do your pathologist like the stain???
> >
> >Thanks,
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