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Suzhou Sinoera Chem Co., Ltd.  (it is located in Suzhou, China) now is
making this product in bulk by a new way,
different from ICI's, and is certified as a safe and environment way
approved by Government, we have idea to do this for 5 years if the HISTOLOGY
applications require it.

We will soon push the Alcian Yellow, Alcian Green into production in bulk,
not labs job.

Minggeng Wang, Ph.D
Suzhou Sinoera Chem Co., Ltd.

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| Pamela A. Marcum in Warrington, Pennsylvania, asks:
| >>Has the Alcian Blue 8GX [offered by Suzhou Sinoera Chem Co., Ltd.] been
| certified or tested through the Biological Stain Commission? If it has a
| number we would be interested.<<
| An even more fundamental question: is the dye synthesis being done (this
| in Soochow, China, now - formerly in India and Pakistan) with due regard
| the safety of the workers in handling the apparently very hazardous
| used in the old-time secret synthetic procedure for Alcian blue?
| I have no connection with Anatech, but I'll toot their horn for them:
| offering Alcian blue which they describe as having been synthesized by an
| environmentally safe synthetic pathway.
| Apparently neither side has had any luck with Alcian yellow.
| Bob Richmo

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