Re: Alcian Blue 8GX

Pamela A. Marcum in Warrington, Pennsylvania, asks:

>>Has the Alcian Blue 8GX [offered by Suzhou Sinoera Chem Co., Ltd.] been 
certified or tested through the Biological Stain Commission? If it has a BSC 
number we would be interested.<<

An even more fundamental question: is the dye synthesis being done (this is 
in Soochow, China, now - formerly in India and Pakistan) with due regard to 
the safety of the workers in handling the apparently very hazardous materials 
used in the old-time secret synthetic procedure for Alcian blue?

I have no connection with Anatech, but I'll toot their horn for them: they're 
offering Alcian blue which they describe as having been synthesized by an 
environmentally safe synthetic pathway.

Apparently neither side has had any luck with Alcian yellow.

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pa

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