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Two new ones that are good are:

Antigen Retrieval Techniques; by Shi, Gu and Taylor; Eaton Publishing
Biotechniques Books Division ( all the details you'd
ever want to know about antigen retrieval.


Immunoenzyme Multiple Staining Methods, by C.M. van der Loos; Royal
Microscopy Society, BIOS Scientific Publishers, thru Springer-Verlag.
( Essential for anyone doing multiple immunostaining.

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Hi all,

I'm preparing a "wish-list" for the year.  Can anyone recommend a good, new
textbook (a "must-have" if you will).  I have a copy of the latest edition
of Bancroft already.  I tried to source a new edition of Sheehan and
Hrapchak, but it appears this has been out of print since 1987!

Thanks for all your comments in advance.



aidan schurr
section head, histology
hutt valley district health board

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