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That is exactly what I am trying to accomplish.  My issue is,  why promote
someone who has been in the department for 10 years and may be a perfectly
good tech but they don't meet the requirements of promotion say for example
lead tech.  I would like to reward those individuals who not only come to
work everyday, do a good job but also take their profession and career
seriously by going beyond their job duty.

I guess what I am trying to do is, put together something that is similar
and competitive to what the medical technologist who work down the hall from
me have.  They have mechanisms in place that allow for promotion of an
individual who is certified, participates in continuing education, writes
articles, gives lectures, sits on a committee (be it at the hospital or a
society), etc.  

I have the support of my laboratory director and human resources.

I would like to find out if anyone out in histology world has a career
ladder that promotes based on job (or career) participation rather than
someone who has been at their job for 10 years.  

Thanks for your input!

Sara A. Williams 
Anatomic Pathology Supervisor
The Children's Hospital 
Denver, CO
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You know when I was in the Air Force(20 years) as a histotech it did not
matter what cetifications you had it was how much technical skill and
experience.  Usually with time came the ability to run sections or the
entire lab.  I have the HT/HTL and the QIHC, and my ability to run a
histology lab has nothing to do with any of them.  My opinion is each place
should have its own unique system tailored to the needs of the
organization.  If it does not pass the standards for HR to get someone
promoted, then create job descriptions in your lab that adjust for
differing levels of expertise.  I have job descriptors for straight
histology abilities, then add on immuno, animal handling and dissection,
and image analysis to the highe

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